Nature Bound Sahyadri is an Experiential Learning Camp situated in the pristine Natural Habitat of the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of Northern Karnataka.  The Camp is about 2 hours drive or 109 KM from Hubballi City on National Highway No.63, near Sunksal Village, Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka State.

The Camp is close to the perineal river Gangavali and is at the edge of Anashi National Park; it is surrounded by mountains, streams and ranges covered in dense evergreen forests which is home to the beautiful and unique Flora & Fauna endemic to the Sahyadri Region. Sahyadri Range is recognised as one of the Ten “Hottest Biodiversity Hotspots” of the World by UNESCO, the region is also a unique catchment area of Rain Water and is a Source of Fresh Water with a heavy concentration of Oxygen.

The Sahyadri forests of the Western Ghats homes to over 5000 Species of Flowering Plants, 139 Mammal Species, 508 Bird Species, 260 Reptile and 179 Amphibian Species, and it is astonishing that 40% of these Species are Endemic to the region, some Species are so unique, they are not found anywhere else in the World.

How to reach our camp :